Our mission is always based on our commitment to provide a “Royal” experience both on and off the golf course that exceeds expectations:

  • We will focus on offering all members and visitors a consistently high level of customer service;
  • We will treat all our customers, suppliers, business associates and each other with dignity and respect. We will be entirely honest in everything we do and say;
  • We will be uniform and consistent in dealing with our customers, in the application of our practices and procedures and in working with each other;
  • We will work together as a united team to consistently provide the highest possible levels of service excellence to our customers;
  • We will continuously strive to find innovative and creative ways to reduce costs and increase our efficiency. We will apply ourselves to find ways to improve our cost/value relationship;
  • We will maintain a high standard of discipline on the golf courses, in the Clubhouse and in the workplace to meet our customer needs and expectations;
  • We will always remain flexible and will adapt to changes in customer requirements with a smile;
  • We will communicate effectively and openly with members, visitors, business associates and ourselves.